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Serving A Diverse Portfolio Of Leading National And Multinational Companies

Our company is one of leading custom clearing agency was established in the year 2006 as a sole proprietary concern. We hold CUSTOM HOUSE AGENTS LICENSE. G.M RAJA ASSOCIATES provides Customs Clearing, Wear Housing and country wide trucking and door delivery for imports& exports.
We have no weight or size restrictions, you can be confident that no order is too big for us to handle. When you do business with us, you will unparalleled services at the lowest possible rate. That’s because we constantly engage in newer, faster and less expensive ways to handle with your cargo. You can relay on our representatives to help you decide which shipment method best meets your requirements and also your budget.
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Faisal Ali Rana

CEO/ President info@gmraja.com


We offer following professional, reliable, customer friendly, cost effective and efficient service to our client on a timely basis, whilst achieving growth and profitability in a competitive environment.

1. Custom Clearing

Customs clearing is a significant part of import and export business. Hassle free and timely customs clearance of goods directly affects your cost and profit ability. We believe that we have to earn your business every day.

3. Consultancy

We offer unparalleled consultancy service to our clients on matters relating to customs, sales tax and import and export laws and procedures. We also assist our clients in preparation of import and export documents so that delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods are avoided. For mega projects in Pakistan we can be consulted for site survey, feasibility studies, multimodal transport arrangements, special equipment and transportation in addition to custom clearing services.

2. Warehousing

We arrange secure private, public and custom bonded warehousing on short and long term for our clients. Premises and location is carefully selected to suit our client’s requirements on competitive rates.

4. Transportation

We have our own fleet of vehicles for local and countrywide deliveries, we engage also with reliable and experienced transport companies associated with G.M RAJA ASSOCIATES. Loading, transportation and delivery of over dimension and overweight project cargo is done under our supervision through transport companies owning specialized vehicles and equipment and possessing experience in handling project cargo. Route survey is undertaken before transport of heavy or over dimension cargo and prior necessary arrangements is made to make the movement of the cargo safe and quick.

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Our Major Clients Are From Follwing Fields

  We have clients from every small and large business across the country and we provide them best , professional and on demand services. Our clients are from following industries, 

  1. Food Industry
  2. Famous Textiles in the country
  3. Auto Industry
  4. Traders
  5. Global Business Trading
  6. Pharma industry
  7. Plastic Manufacturing Industry
  8. FMCG ( Fast-moving consumer goods)
  9. Cotton Mills 
  10.  Heavy Machinery Industry

Besides these big industries, we have served thousands of clients as our average annual tonnage of cargo handled over 12250 M.T

We are available 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year. We do whatever it takes to meet your daily needs as well as yours emergencies.

And we do this while maintaining the highest possible services at the lowest possible cost.


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